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Enriching Lives With The Prospect Of Prosperity

Mission Prosperity aims to bridge the gaps left by the current banking infrastructure by widening its reach via blockchain-backed financial services. Our mission is to provide an alternative, more equitable approach that focuses on untapped markets around the globe.

Bridging The Gap With Blockchain

The inception of any robust business model often begins with addressing the shortcomings present in the industry in question. Mission Prosperity is a living embodiment of this statement.

Having witnessed the gaps left behind by the mainstream banking industry first-hand, our team started Mission Prosperity with a simple goal in mind - to bring readily accessible financial services to the people forgotten by traditional banking institutions. Backed by the power of blockchain technology, Mission Prosperity pushes the envelope further by tapping into the tremendous potential of a virtually untouched market worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Join us on our mission to provide universal access to financial services that foster prosperity and growth for all.

Why Mission Prosperity?

To get a better understanding of the need for such a service, let us first put the existing banking system under the lens to see where they fall short and how we aim to address these limitations.

The Current State Of The Banking Sector

  • It is no secret that wealth is concentrated. It is an understatement to say that unequal wealth distribution has pushed the scales in favor of those who hoard it. The prevailing financial system does nothing but exacerbate this problem by facilitating the concentration of wealth among proportionally smaller groups of people.
  • This inequitable distribution is more a symptom of a larger issue at hand than the main problem in question. The root of the issue lies in the unequal access to the financial instruments that drive wealth. With the current set-up of banking institutions and the way they function, these facilities have been limited mostly to the ones who are already privy to financial services.
  • As an unintended consequence of the heavy regulations imposed by regulatory bodies and governments, those in the fringes of the formal economy have been pushed out by the very measures meant to safeguard them. This has given rise to a situation where many people worldwide do not have access to the services that the rest of the world takes for granted. These limitations extend from everyday financial instruments like savings bank accounts, credit and debit cards, to hurdles that inhibit financial prosperity in the long-term.
  • At Mission Prosperity, we believe we can solve this problem with Bank Xero.

Limitations In Approach

  • Though implementing cryptocurrency and the broader applications of blockchain technology into banking services is not a novel concept, the approach taken by current projects in this regard is less than optimal.
  • For instance, there are numerous companies in the cryptocurrency realm, which are actively acquiring banking assets. A few notable examples are: The Litecoin Foundation acquiring a 9.9% stake in a German bank; Circle, a Goldman Sachs-backed crypto startup seeking a US banking license; Binance, the crypto exchange investing in a banking license in Malta shortly after moving operations there.
  • Likewise, many banks are themselves moving into the blockchain space with their own applications. Unsurprisingly, however, these implementations come with an important caveat - the blockchain technology in question will be centralized and controlled by the banks. The main beneficiaries of this move will be the shareholders of the institutions rather than the customers who put their hard-earned money into these banks.
  • On the other hand, we have less centralized “crypto-primary” banking strategies that come with their own set of problems. This school of thought endorses an approach that involves purchasing banks for their licenses and then integrating them with blockchain technology. This, however, is a costly affair. The cost of switching over platforms for a large organization would be in the tens of millions. From our first-hand experience in the context of banking in Canada, for a small business with an annual turnover of less than $250 million, the cost of transferring from one platform to another will be an astonishing $50 million - most of which is deemed as ‘dead weight’ that does nothing to propagate further growth.
  • In many ways, with this misguided approach, cryptocurrency is being utilized to set the financial system back by decades rather than pushing it forward.

The Solution - Bank Xero

  • At Mission Prosperity, we offer an alternative approach that addresses this problem in the best way possible. Our strategy? Starting fresh with a bank built on this model from inception, implementing the best possible blockchain technology, and turning our focus to the underserved segments of the population.

Target Demographic

  • Mission prosperity’s main aim is to reach those that are beyond the reach of the current banking system and to provide a better service where it is lacking.
  • The first phase of the project will be focused on providing an easier process of remittance for those sending money home from foreign countries. Currently, the remittance fees for such transactions are very high and oftentimes unfeasible. Mission Prosperity will provide a more viable alternative that will allow workers to preserve more of their hard earned money.
  • Successively, Mission Prosperity aims to expand internationally into the informal sector of the economy. It is of our belief that this is a huge market with untapped potential and this expansion will not only benefit workers belonging to this sector but also those who tread into it.
  • The key regions of focus for Phase I would be Europe and a yet-to-be determined Asian country whose baking infrastructure suits our needs with a further expansion to Africa planned for Phase II.

Bank Xero - How will it work?


  • Bank Xero offers consumers all the functionality of any traditional banking service. From its inception, Bank Xero will be able to handle all the day to day banking needs of users - salary deposits, processing checks, paying bills, automated savings and most importantly, seamless sending and receiving of remittances, etc.


  • As the plan rolls on to Phase 2, we will begin focusing on the informal economy. Bank Xero will offer users all of the aforementioned capabilities along with the means to access them. Since our target demographic rarely has ready access to banking services, this will involve equipping the clients with a handheld device to access the banking app..





HARD CAP: $5,000,000

ICO START DATE: 15th Dec 2020

ICO END DATE: 15th Mar 2021

Total Supply: 200,000,000




TOKEN PRICE (in USD): $0.50

The next release must be approved through a democratic process undertaken by token holders and master minters.


  • TOKEN SALE (Private & Public): 10,000,000
  • REWARDS: 1,000,000
  • FOUNDER TEAM: 500,000
  • MARKETING & ADVISORY: Upto 500,000
  • RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Upto 500,000

Next release must be approved through a democratic process by token holders and master minters.






  • RESERVE10%

  • LEGAL25%

How can investing in our ICO benefit you?

With a cumulative experience of over 36+ years, we can confidently say that we have a firm grasp on the banking infrastructure as it exists today. This allows us to see the shortcomings of the industry and areas in which it can improve.

By tapping into this untapped potential, we believe that we can develop Bank Xero into the much needed bridge between banking services and those that are often left behind. Our focus on remittances and the informal sector in particular will yield great results and we would love to have you on board with us.

By investing in our ICO now, initial investors will not only see their investment grow at a tremendous rate but will also be offered the opportunity to convert their investment into equity in the bank in the future.

Take hold of this opportunity and step into the future of banking services with Mission Prosperity.

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Alfred Lo

John Griffin


Mission prosperity is our mission to provide universal access to banking services for people around the world. Our aim is to facilitate a banking service that not only creates but protects the concept of prosperity.

Bank Xero is the entity through which we will carry out this mission. Bank Xero’s main aim will be to provide comprehensive banking services to those in need.

Unlike the current banking infrastructure which mainly serves the people who already have no trouble accessing baking services, Mission Prosperity aims to provide equitable access to those forgotten by mainstream banking. We have identified a potentially vast space for improvement in the form of remittances and the informal economy sector which we will address in two distinct phases.

Our team - consisting of Alfred Lo and John Griffin, has a combined experience of over 36+ years during which we have worked with some of Canada’s largest banks and have been an integral part of start-ups that have raised over $300,000,000. Through the knowledge and experience gained through this journey, we have started anew with a focus on bringing equitable banking services to those that need it.

By becoming an initial investor in Mission Prosperity, you will not only reap the rewards of a steadily growing investment, but will also be rewarded with the opportunity to convert your investment into an equity in the bank in the future.

The Phase 1 of our launch will see Bank Xero focus on remittances in Europe and Asian countries. Phase 2 of the project will expand further into other South Asian countries and Africa. Our ultimate goal is to provide comprehensive and readily accessible banking services internationally.